Sony Trinitron PVM-14L3 14" Color Video Monitor with SDI card

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Sony Trinitron PVM-14L3 14" Color Video Monitors are fitted with CRTs manufactured by Sony to meet the exacting standards necessary in the broadcast and production industries. Utilizing Trinitron technology and EBU standard phosphors, these CRTs are able to provide the highest possible picture quality.

Modular Design for Greater Ease of Use

This range of BVM Series monitors is based upon the concept of modular design—separate display and control units. This allows for greater system integration flexibility, while maintaining cost effectiveness. Modular design enables the control of multiple monitors with a single control unit, or more traditional configurations with the control unit attached to the display unit. Optional decoder and expansion boards also expand the configuration options by increasing the number of input signals available.

Flexibility Beyond Your Expectations

Outstanding picture quality and modular design provide the basis on which the flexibility of these BVM monitors are built. The wide variety of optional decoder and expansion boards, together with other accessories, increases the versatility of this monitor range. Finally, sophisticated, menu-driven monitor set-up and memory cards allow parameters to be easily set, saved and transferred to other monitors. Clearly, with this amount of flexibility, these BVM monitors can be configured to meet any system needs you can imagine. Exactly what you would expect from Sony—monitors that perform beyond your expectations

Sony Trinitron PVM-14L3 14" Color Video Monitor with SDI card

 PVM-14L3 is the best monitor from SONY 

Technical Details
  • HR Trinitron provides high resolution pictures
  • EBU standard phosphors
  •  Sony manufactured CRTs provide excellent uniformity of performance
  • Beam current feedback for stable colour temperature
  • Precise colour temperature adjustment using external colour probes: Sony BKM-14L, Graseby SLS 9400, Minolta CA-100, Philips PM 5639, Thoma TF6
  • Built-in auto set-up system for chroma, phase and white balance
  • On screen menus for adjustment and operation
  • Data transfer between monitors using an optional BKM-12Y Memory Card or via an RS-485 link
  • ISR (Interactive Status Reporting) for system diagnostics
  • Safe area display
  • Adjustable colour temperature (factory preset to D65)
  • VITC reader (available on E and F-Series models only)
  • Aspect ratio switchable between 4:3 and 16:9, with optional 16:9 widescreen masks available

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