SONY SRPC-5 SRMASTER Data Transfer Unit

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SONY SRPC-5 SRMASTER Data Transfer Unit

The SRPC-5 is a cost-effective solution for SRMemory data viewing, logging, and ingesting to off-line editing applications.

The unit offers a web-based GUI, which is used for viewing and ingesting SRMemory content for review onset and at post-production facilities. It can ingest recorded data to servers and to non-linear editors (NLEs).

In addition, it can duplicate valuable materials from SRMemory to HDCAM SR tape.

Technical Details

Fast ingest

The SRPC-5 allows fast data transfer from SRMemory cards to servers and/or NLEs via an optional 10 GbE network interface. Files and clips can be easily browsed by the SRPC-5 GUI. It also enables fast ingest from HDCAM SR tapes, at up to twice* the normal playback speed.

Simple Viewing

When material is recorded in SR Video mode, you can browse and view the contents on a broadcast monitor.

Flawless Tape backup

Content on SRMemory can be duplicated to HDCAM SR tape without any decode/re-encode processes. You can simply duplicate a whole SRMemory card or select individual clips to be perfectly cloned.

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