Sony RCP-D50 Remote Control Panel for CCU

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  • Brand: SONY
  • Model Number: RCP-D50
  • Product Code: BS18904
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Sony’s DXC series portable cameras are well known for their high picture performance and ease of operation. As a result, they are increasingly used for demanding applications where sophisticated control facilities are required. To satisfy this demand, the RCP-D50 and RCPD51 have been introduced, to provide comprehensive camera control and setup facilities. The RCP-D50 includes joystick control of Iris and Master Black for ease of use.
Technical Details

Power requirements:      10.5 to 17V DC

Power consumption:        4.5W

Max. cable length:             50m

Operating temperature:   5°C to 40°C

Weight:     RCP-D50 :1.5 kg

                   RCP-D51: 1.3kg

Dimensions (w/h/d):    RCP-D50: 102 x 354 x


                                          RCP-D51: 102 x 354 x


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