SONY PXW-Z450 4K UHD Shoulder Camcorder Drum Hrs 122

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Sony proudly introduces the groundbreaking PXW-Z450 XDCAMTM XAVCTM 4K*1 Shoulder Camcorder. With 4K/HD compatibility, you can make heavy use of this camcorder not only for ENG but also for a variety of 4K/HD TV program applications.

The PXW-Z450 incorporates a newly developed 2/3” Exmor RTM CMOS sensor delivering stunning 4K/HD images. Also incorporating a versatile B4 lens mount, this camcorder allows you to use the wide range of HD ENG lenses available in today’s marketplace, as well as your own lens assets. If you install a 4K-compatible lens to this PXW-Z450 camcorder, you can enjoy fine 4K image shooting.

Inheriting the well-received weight balance of the PXW-X400 XDCAM HD Shoulder Camcorder, the PXW-Z450 offers user-friendly ergonomic-designed weight balance.

Further to these fundamental characteristics, this camcorder also offers low power consumption, convenient networking features, and a wide range of XAVC recording formats including 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) – all of which are highly beneficial to shoulder camcorder users. A lineup of optional HDVF Series OLED viewfinders (HDVF-EL30 and HDVF-EL20) supports your 4K image production in respect of fine focusing.

Still more, the PXW-Z450 is designed to suit a wide range of applications with versatile features such as SDI output for 4K 59.94p/50p*2 and simultaneous 4K and HD recording*3. This is helpful when you are operating both 4K and HD production in parallel.

SONY PXW-Z450 4K UHD Shoulder Camcorder  Drum Hrs 122

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