SONY PVM-9L2 Color Production Monitor with SDI card good for games

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  • Model Number: PVM-9L2
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Ideal for field applications, the PVM9L2 incorporates a 250 TVL Trinitron® CRT with P22 phosphors to provide clear and precise images. The PVM9L2 is equipped with input connectors for composite and Y/C signals. The slot-in structure in the rear panel allows an optional card for SDI, SDTI-CP, or analog component inputs. The monitor incorporates conventional operational functions such as 4:3/16:9 switching capability, Blue Only Mode, switchable color temperature (D65, D93, user), Underscan and Auto/Manual degaussing. In addition to operating from an AC power source, the PVM9L2 can be powered using optional BP L series batteries. A convenient carry handle is incorporated into the design. The window-type on screen menus allow for easy monitor adjustment and operation, and is available in six languages.a

SONY PVM-9L2 Color Production Monitor with SDI card good for games

Technical Details
  • High Picture Quality Utilizes Trinitron® CRT with 250 TVL resolution to ensure clear and precise images .
  • Option Slot Structure One double wide option slot provides for simple and flexible configurations using option cards from PVM L5 and BVM D series monitors.
  • Versatile Analog Inputs Equipped with input connectors for Y/C and composite signals.
  • NTSC/PAL Operation Automatically detects whether the compostie signal input is NTSC or PAL.
  • Digital Comb Filter Ensures clear and highly detailed images.
  • Professional Operational Functions Includes 4:3/16:9 switching capability; Blue Only mode; Underscan; switchable color temperature (D65, D93, user); Auto/Manual degaussing.
  • Beam-Current Feedback Circuit Corrects white balance drift.
  • On Screen Display Window-type OSD makes monitor adjustment and operation easy. Available in six languages.
  • Remote Control/Tally Parallel remote control and tally can be operated via a modular 8-pin connector.

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