Sony PVM-14L4 CRT Monitor best monitor for Gaming

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Sony PVM-14L4 CRT Monitor best monitor for Gaming

For many years, Sony PVM-14L4 professional monitors have maintained an enviable reputation for outstanding performance and reliability. These new 20 and 14-inch models, the PVM-L4/L3 Series of color video monitors, are set to maintain this reputation for excellence. Building on the features and functions of the established PVM-M Series of monitors, these new monitors demonstrate the versatility of Sony display technology.

With a compact design, stunning picture performance, flexible signal connections, a full range of optional functions, and ease of operation, these new Sony monitors are designed to meet the demands of a wide range of picture monitoring requirements in production applications

Technical Details
  •  Compact chassis

A compact chassis design makes installation easy where rack or monitor stack space is limited. Compared to the equivalent models in the PVM-M range, the PVM-20L4 mounts in just 9RU (one less rack unit) and the PVM-14L4/14L3 in 6RU (two fewer rack units).

  •  Flush, LED-illuminated,

push-button controls Push-button controls are conveniently located on the front panel on either side of the screen. These buttons are neatly mounted behind the plastic film to avoid accidental operation. Their LED illumination can be turned off completely, or adjusted over five steps of brightness.

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