SONY PVM-14L2 14 Color video Monitor with SDI card for retro gaming

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Introducing Sony's new cost-effective PVM-L2 Series - everything you'd expect in Sony Trinitron professional monitors, and much more. Enhanced by stunning high-resolution image quality and new input flexibility, these monitors provide a wide range of options for broadcast, studio, and field production needs.

With your choice of 20"*1, 14"*2 or 9"*3 CRT's, option slots to provide SD-SDI and SDTI-CP, DV and additional analog component input capability, the PVM-L2 Series gives you unprecedented flexibility. In addition to this flexibility, the PVM-L2 Series monitors have a quick response time, which is inherent in CRT monitors. Never before has Sony packed so much value and performance in a monitor series ideally suited to so many applications, today and tomorrow!

Technical Details

◗ High Picture Quality

The Trinitron CRT incorporated in both the PVM-20L2 and PVM-14L2 provides clear and precise images with a resolution of 600 TV lines*. * Supported on PVM-20L2 and PVM-14L2 monitors. The PVM-9L2 incorporates a Trinitron CRT that provides images with a resolution of 250 TV lines.

◗ Beam-Current Feedback Circuit

Because monitor white balance is prone to drift during continuous operation over long periods of time, PVM-L2 Series monitors are equipped with a beam-current feedback circuit. This corrects white balance drift, resulting in the long-term stability of color reproduction.

◗ Digital Comb Filter

The NTSC/PAL digital comb filter enhances the luminance/chrominance separation used to reduce cross-color interference and color noise, ensuring clear and highly detailed picture reproduction.

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