SONY PMW-EX30 SxS PRO solid state memory compact recorder

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SONY PMW-EX30 SxS PRO solid state memory compact recorder

The PMW-EX30 is a highly versatile and affordable compact recorder for many different applications. This product comes with the full PrimeSupport pack- age. That’s fast, hassle-free repairs, a helpline offer- ing expert technical advice, and a free loan unit while yours is repaired. Plus the peace of mind that Sony is looking after your equipment – and your business.

Offering two SxS PRO memory card slots, a 3.5inch high resolution LCD screen and a wide range of ana- logue and digital interfaces including HD-SDI input, the PMW-EX30 has been designed to be the ideal companion to not only the existing EX line up of cam- corders, but also as a low-cost HD recorder for the live event and entry-level studio market.

With the ability to dub to other HD formats such as HDV, XDCAM HD or HDCAM and with the addition of down-conversion of HD content to SD formats includ- ing DVCAM, the PMW-EX30 offers an ideal solution for those customers wanting to integrate XDCAM EX foot- age into a wide range of existing SD or HD tape- based or non-linear workflows.

Along with all these features, the recorder offers the same thumbnail operation and clip access as the cam- corders, including the card copy function.he PMW-EX30 expands the XDCAM EX product range by offering a compact recorder which in many ways operates in the same way as a traditional tape-based VTR, with many analogue and digital video interfaces along with the newer IT based interfaces such as USB and i.LINK. The product therefore can operate in either video or IT mode depending the customer's requirements

Technical Details
  • Compatible with ExpressCard3/4 interface slot which is common on modern Windows PCs and Macs
  • Uses PCI Express interface and achieves an ex- tremely high "read" speed of 800 Mb/s*
  • Large storage capacity: SBP-8 (8 GB) and SBP-16 (16 GB) memory cards are available
  • Can record up to 70 minutes of HD video and au- dio (using one 16-GB memory card)
  • Compact size: approx. 75 × 34 × 5 mm (excluding the projecting parts) - half the size of the older PC Card standard
  • Low power consumption
  • Highly reliable: can resist shocks (up to 1500 G) and vibrations (up to 15 G)

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