SONY PMW-400 Solid-State Memory Camcorder with CBK-WA100 Hours???

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The PMW-400K (2/3-inch HD lens package) and the PMW-400L have now joined the XDCAM™ HD422 family, equipped with three 2/3-inch-type Full-HD Exmor™ CMOS sensors that provide high picture quality and an extremely high S/N ratio.

These camcorders support MPEG HD422™, MPEG HD™, MPEG IMX™, DVCAM™, and also XAVC™*1 in the HD domain for future expansion of the broadcasting workflow. Two SxS™ card slots provide a wide range of AV and IT interfaces including two HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, i.LINK™, and composite outputs. The PMW-400 Series also supports wireless operation using an optional adapter, the CBK-WA101. This enables easy and quick clip data transmission to broadcast stations using cloud services, saving the time and transportation cost of shot clip delivery.

Technical Details

High Picture Quality

The PMW-400 Series incorporate three 2/3-inch-type Full-HD Exmor CMOS sensors (1920 x 1080) to achieve high resolution, high sensitivity (F12 at 60 Hz / F13 at 50 Hz), low noise (60 dB), and a wide dynamic range to give more freedom of expression for creative shooting.

Three-dimensional Noise Reducer

In addition to existing noise reduction features, the PMW-400 Series also includes a three-dimensional noise reducer. This not only detects vertical and horizontal direction in a frame picture but also noise components in a time axis, utilizing correlation characteristics between video frames. Using this feature, the S/N ratio is improved to 60 dB which is the highest level of noise reduction in a 2/3-inch-type Full-HD shoulder camcorder.

Selectable Format and Bit Rates

The PMW-400 Series provide a wide variety of codec operation points. Users can record Full-HD video (1920 x 1080) at up to 50 Mbps using MPEG HD422 as well as MPEG HD at 35 Mbps*2 / 25 Mbps, MPEG IMX at 50 Mbps, and DVCAM at 25 Mbps in an MXF file, as standard supported formats. These camcorders also incorporate XAVC*3 in the HD domain at a 100-Mbps data rate, enabling the creation of rich content with 10-bit quality.

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