Sony PMW-1000 Xdcam SxS Memory Recording Deck 35hrs with 2x Sony 32GB SxS-1

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  • Brand: SONY
  • Model Number: PMW-1000
  • Product Code: BS18894
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Sony PMW-1000 studio recorder with two SxS card slots providing a wide range of AV and IT interfaces including HD-SDI, SD-SDI, HDMI, and composite outputs.

The Sony PMW-1000 provides outstanding MPEG HD422 picture quality as well as an uncompromising eight-channel (HD-SDI), 24-bit audio recording capability, all packed in a compact half-rack-size deck. In addition to MPEG HD422, XAVC Intra HD Record/Playback is supported*1, as well as MPEG IMX and DVCAM formats in the SD domain. What’s more, the RS-422 interface and Gigabit Ethernet enables the PMW-1000 to be used as a player deck for linear editing and a feeder deck for non-linear editing.

Technical Details

• RS-422 9-pin remote control interface to be used as a feeder for linear editing

• Gigabit Ethernet for highspeed file transfer for network operation

• HDMI monitoring output for more flexible operation on any occasion

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