Sony PDW-HD1500 XDCAM HD Recorder Player OPE Hours 4201

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  • Model Number: PDW-HD1500
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The XDCAM production system was first introduced in 2003, offering revolutionary file-based acquisition onto optical Professional Disc. In 2005, XDCAM HD was launched with camcorders and decks recording high definition pictures at up to 35 Mb/s onto the same 23 GB Professional Discs. At IBC 2007, Sony demonstrated the latest development of products to expand of the XDCAM HD line up - the PDW-700 camcorder and the PDW-HD1500 deck. The PDW-HD1500 will record and replay XDCAM HD 50 Mb/s 4:2:2 data onto 50 GB Dual-layer Professional Disc. With interfaces including i.LINK and Ethernet, the PDW-HD1500 can operate at the heart of small or large scale file-based networked systems. VTR-like JOG/shuttle operation and video interfaces including HD-SDI and SD-SDI also makes the PDW-HD1500 ideal for operation in more traditional vide-based installations. The PDW-HD1500 has been designed to increase the appeal of XDCAM HD for high-end applications such as drama, documentary and natural history and for mainstream entertainment programmes that required a prestige quality look. File-based acquisition onto Professional Disc, with thumbnail and proxy operation will also make the PDW-HD1500 ideal for networked applications where speed of production is a critical.
Technical Details
  • High definition recording using MPEG-2 422P@HL compression at 50Mb/s data rate
  • 8 channels of digital audio
  • Dual optical pick-up for higher speed file transfer
  • VTR-like JOG/SHUTTLE operation
  • Compact and lightweight at 6.3kg and half-rack width

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