SONY PDW-F75 XDCAM HD Professional Disc recorder with multiple interfaces op H1449

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  • Brand: SONY
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The SONY PDW-F75 is designed to place XDCAM HD at the heart of any existing infrastructure - it can as easily be connected to a composite analogue world as a digital file-based workflow. At the touch of a button, the PDW-F75 can up or downconverter any input/output signal in real-time with complete transparency.

It is as easy to plug in an entry-level DV camcorder as a top-of-the-range HDCAM VTR. The PDW-F75 features a comprehensive array of interfaces as standard. Using either the built-in LCD screen or a monitor, you have full access to all the benefits of the advanced XDCAM workflow with Scene Selection, Thumbnail operations and high-speed file-based editing.

Technical Details
  • Any scene can be accessed instantly with no time-wasted due to fast-forwarding/rewinding
  • No need to worry about accidentally overwriting precious content
  • 'Essence Marks' can be reviewed and edited to identify critical scenes
  • Cut edit content on the deck itself - no need for a PC!
  • Import proxy files onto your PC at high speed for faster browsing and editing
  • Smart import only the full resolution content you require faster than real-time
  • Up to four and a half hours recording at 18Mb/s
  • MPEG HD, with Dual Layer Professional Discs
  • Built-in high quality 16:9 colour screen
  • SDI and HD-SDI output with audio embedded
  • Digital Audio AES-EBU output

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