SONY PDW-680 XDCAM HD Shoulder Camcorder hours Laser 1 OPT hours 70

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SONY PDW-680 XDCAM HD Shoulder Camcorder hours Laser 1 OPT hours 70

The SONY PDW-680 joins the XDCAM family as a new, powerful camcorder that supports both HD (MPEG HD422/HD420) and SD (MPEG IMX50/40/30, DVCAM) recording, offers excellent, versatile camera features, and is equipped with three 2/3-inch type CMOS Exmor sensors.

The SONY PDW-680 provides outstanding picture quality, boasting high sensitivity of F12 (60i) and F13 (50i), and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio of 59 dB. Using reliable Professional Disc™ recording media, the SONY PDW-680 offers the advantages of file-based recording so camera professionals can significantly improve operational efficiency with capabilities such as thumbnail scene search and immediate viewing on the built-in LCD panel. 

Technical Details

High Picture Quality with Three 2/3-inch Type Exmor CMOS Sensors:

Equipped with three Exmor CMOS sensors, the PDW-680 delivers superior picture performance with full-HD resolution. These 2/3-inch type image sensors provide excellent sensitivity levels of F12 at 60i and F13 at 50i, a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio of 59 dB, and a high horizontal resolution of 1,000 TV lines*. These high-performance sensors result in high-quality digital signals with extremely low noise. This significantly enhances shooting in low- light environments.

* In HD-SDI, HQ 1080 mode.

Choice of SD or HD Operation:

The PDW-680 has a highly flexible multi-format recording capability. Users can select an HD recording format (MPEG HD422, MPEG HD) or SD recording format (MPEG IMX50/40/30, DVCAM), in a variety of frame frequencies. Also, having an up/down conversion function, this camcorder can be integrated into an existing SD production system or can be chosen for future HD operation. * Interlace mode only; Progressive mode is not supported.

Efficient Workflow with Proxy Data:

At the same time as recording high-resolution video and audio data, the PDW-680 can record a low-resolution version of the video and audio data (called Proxy Data) not only to Professional Disc but also to USB memory, which enables operators to quickly transfer the small files to a laptop for immediate viewing, logging, selecting takes, and cuts-only editing. The proxy data can be transferred at a faster-than-real-time rate from the field to the studio. This enables proxy editing to begin before the high-resolution assets arrive.

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