SONY PCS-XC1 HD Portable wireless video conferencing system with PSU

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  • Brand: SONY
  • Model Number: PCS-XC1
  • Product Code: BS19343
  • Quantity in stock: 1
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The PCS-XC1 HD Visual Communication The system is a compact video conferencing system with a built-in camera. The unit allows face-to-face communications with a remote party by transmitting and receiving images and sound via LAN (Local Area Network) connections.

Technical Details

Supports ITU-T international standard

The unit complies with ITU-T recommendations defined by WTSC for easy connection with remote parties overseas.

ITU: International Telecommunication Union

WTSC: World Telecommunications Standardization Committee

Transmission and reception of high-definition images enabled

The unit supports the H.264 Baseline Profile and High Profile video encoding format, enabling transmission and reception of 1280 × 720 videos at 60 frames per second.

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