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The Sony PCM-800 is a new modular 8-track digital recorder based on the DTRS format which uses readily available Hi-8 videotape to record up to 108 minutes of CD-quality audio. The PCM-800 features balanced XLR analog ins and outs, as well as AES/EBU digital ins and out via a D sub connector (included).

You can track delay from -4 to +150 ms and the unit provides seamless and gapless punch-ins/outs with variable crossfade (a very useful tool) from 10 to 90 ms. A convenient shuttle knob with 1/4 to 8 times normal speed lets you quickly move to the exact location you're looking for to edit or punch-in. There are two auto-locate buttons on the front panel, as well as a 6% pitch control. There are all sorts of available options that let you sync to just about any timecode formats. If you work with video, this is the unit you'll definitely want to own.SONY PCM-800 DIGITAL AUDIO RECORDER

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