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Sony MSW-2100P Series MPEG IMX Studio Editing VTRs As the broadcasting industry has entered a digital networked environment, users have become aware of the significant benefits of consistent MPEG compression throughout the entire production process. MPEG-2 – the selected standard for DTV distribution thanks to its quality, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency in transmission – has naturally become a strategic choice for use in a variety of production and postproduction applications. Sony’s response to this is the MSW-2100P Series of MPEG IMX™ VTRs, operating on MPEG-2 4:2:2 P@ML at 30/40/50 Mb/s, I-frame only compression. This family of VTRs offers four studio recorders and two players, each optimized for environments where picture quality and operability are of prime concern. A distinct advantage of these VTRs is their powerful legacy playback capability of Sony standard-definition 1/2-inch tape formats*. This not only protects vast quantities of archive material, but also allows continued use of those all-important acquisition tools, for a smooth migration into an open MPEG environment.


Equally important, the SONY MSW-2100P  is built to accommodate a standard Gigabit Ethernet interface for integration into a TCP/IP networked world. With this capability, video assets on tape can be converted to computer data files and flexibly exchanged between other network-capable devices, such as the Sony XDCAM™ Series optical disc recording system, XPRI™ Series nonlinear editing systems, and a variety of compatible third-party server systems. Far from just another VTR format, the Sony MPEG IMX VTRs combine the benefits of an open MPEG environment with the convenience of both synchronous and asynchronous operations.

Technical Details


■ Analog composite I/O*

■ Analog component I/O*



■ Analog audio I/O* (4 ch)

■ AES/EBU audio I/O*

(16-bit – 8 ch/24-bit – 4 ch)

■ Audio monitor output (2 ch)

■ Time code I/O*

■ RS-422A (Sony 9-pin Remote)

■ RS-232C

■ Parallel 50-pin (standard)

*The MSW-M2100/M2100P/M2100E/M2100EP player

provides outputs only.

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