Sony MSU-700A Master Setup Unit

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  • Brand: SONY
  • Model Number: MSU-700A
  • Product Code: BS18459
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The SONY MSU -700 master setup unit provides full control of the BVP -900/950/700/750/570/550/500 and HDC -700A/750A camera systems in a convenient half-rack width layout. Utilizing a new touch screen EL panel for expanded control, this Master Set Up Unit provides remote access of virtually all camera functions and diagnostics

The Sony MSU-700 provides a centralized technical control position in a multi-camera system. The MSU-700 is designed for mounting vertically. Is has been designed to allow comprehensive, wide ranging, technical supervision and alignment of a complex camera system from a single centralized panel. If it is desirable to extend this supervision to more than one control location (for example separate operational and engineering/maintenance control centers) then a number of MSU panels can form part of a large camera system. The MSU -750 is designed to work in conjunction with the Command Network Units CNU-700 and CNU-500. However, in a single-camera system, the MSU -750 can operate alone.

Technical Details
The MSU-750 provides rapid, finger-tip access to all controls relating to the smooth functioning of an operational system, including:
  • Technical alignment controls for the entire camera chain
  • Picture and waveform monitor switching
  • System configuration
  • Control data filing
  • Precise picture adjustment

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