Sony MKS-8080 Auxilliary Bus Remote Panel Push Button missing

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  • Brand: SONY
  • Model Number: MKS-8080
  • Product Code: BS19321
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The MKS-8080/8082 AUX Bus Remote Panel switches AUX input/output signals to/from an MVS-8000 Multi Format Switcher System connected to the primary station of the S-BUS data link.

The MKS-8080 occupies 1 unit in height in a standard 19- inch rack, and has 32 source select buttons and four reentry buttons.

The MKS-8082 occupies 3 units in height in a standard 19- inch rack. The unit has 16 destination select buttons in addition to the buttons of the MKS-8080. The signal name can be labeled on each source select button and destination select buttons.

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