SONY J-30SDI Player for Betacam Beta SP SX DigiBeta and MPEG IMX tape hr 1 serial no 11504

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SONY J-30SDI Player for Betacam Beta SP SX DigiBeta and MPEG IMX tape hr 1 serial no 11504

Since their introduction in 2001, Sony J Series Compact Videotape Players (consisting of the J-1, J-2, and J-3 models), have been accepted by producers, journalists, and production staff around the world as ideal desktop 1/2" standard-definition compact players. Their sophisticated features, offered within an affordable price range, have opened new opportunities in material viewing, logging, and source feeding to servers or nonlinear editing systems.

Technical Details
  • Compact Body Design
  • Sharing the same chassis design of their predecessors, the new J Series Compact Players retain a compact and lightweight design. At just 307 x 100 x 397 mm (12 1/8 x 4 x 15 3/4 inches) in size and in weight 8.1 kg (17 lb 14 oz), they are equivalent in size to a standard desktop PC. They can be placed on the desks of busy producers, journalists, and editors either horizontally or upright in the supplied vertical stand - perfect for space[1]constrained or awkward environments. In addition, their new light-metallic coloring makes the J Series Compact Players even more suitable for the office environment.
  • Compatible with Small and Large Cassettes Despite their very compact size, the J Series Compact Players can play large-size as well as small-size cassettes.
  •  525/625 Versatility
  • The J Series Compact Players can be easily switched between 525/60 and 625/50 playback modes, enabling operation in international environments.
  • Powerful Playback Capability
  • The J-10 and J-10 SDI models have the capability to play back Betacam SX®, Betacam SP®, and Betacam tape recordings. The J-30 and J-30 SDI models add playback capability for MPEG IMX® and Digital Betacam® recordings. During cassette loading, each format is automatically identified for playback, so no menu settings or switching is necessary.

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