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The rapid transition to HD programming in broadcasting and postproduction has created tremendous demand for an entry-level path into the HD world. Sony have responded to this demand with the introduction of two exciting new Digital HD products: the HVR-Z1E Video Camera Recorder and the HVR-M10E Videocassette Recorder.

They adopt the all-new, 1⁄4-inch HD format – the HDV 1080i specification of the HDV format – while maintaining the DVCAM/DV recording and playback capabilities provided on current Sony market-acclaimed DVCAM models. What's more, both the HVR-Z1E and HVR-M10E offer a down- conversion capability of their 1080i recordings.

These features allow the HVR-Z1E and HVR-M10E to be active immediately in current SD systems, while also providing a step-by-step migration to the HD world. Operators can continue to work in DVCAM HVR-M10E or DV and switch to HDV as needed, or work in HDV 1080i from the start and use the down-conversion capability as required.

The HVR-Z1E and HVR-M10E are aimed at profes- sional videographers, documentary makers and feature film makers working to tight budgets. HDV is also an increasingly attractive option for mainstream broadcasters and corporate programme makers needing to acquire HD content in restricted or hard-to-reach locations. HDV also serves as an ideal source for contributing HD content into an HDCAM production environment. The format’s quality, versatility and low operational costs also extend its appeal to educational estab- lishments and hire companies.
Technical Details
  • 50Hz/60Hz (PAL/NTSC) Switchable
  • Colour Correction
  • DVCAM Support
  • Versatile Time Code/Userbit Operation
  • Multiple Assign Button Functions
  • Viewfinder B/W and Colour
  • Simultaneous Operation of LCD panel and Viewfinder

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