SONY HVR-MRC1 Memory Recording Unit with HVRA-CR1

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SONY HVR-MRC1 Memory Recording Unit with HVRA-CR1

The HVR-MRC1K consists of the HVR-MRC1 main unit, HVRA-CR1 cradle, cold-shoe adaptor and an i.LINK cable. Extremely compact and lightweight, the HVR-MRC1K can be mounted on a HDV™/DVCAM™ camcorder, thereby converting it to a 'hybrid' recording system with CompactFlash® solid-state memory and tape. It allows the user to record video on a tape and CompactFlash (CF) card simultaneously.

The widely available CF card can be used to offer secure recording, removable media convenience, high durability against external vibration, and high-speed file transfer to a computer. It is possible to record for about 72 minutes on a 16-GB CF card

Technical Details

Hybrid Format

Simultaneous HD and SD recording allows the recording of HD material to tape and SD to CompactFlash media. Giving the flexibility to shoot for today's SD production and HD value in the future

Hybrid Media

The HVR-MRC1K allows the use of tape and/or non-linear recording media, giving you the ability to produce a reliable backup recording. HDV or DVCAM tape-based users can therefore move gradually to IT workflow with this hybrid-operation. Hybrid


Files for quick editing and tape for archiving - this means you can immediately access a movie file for streamlined NLE work, while keeping the master source tape in a safe place.

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