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Sony has introduced affordable, yet high-performance HD recording systems incorporating the HDVTM 1080i specification for use in its products, thereby offering the HDV format to a wide range of professional videographers. Since they were introduced, HDV systems have gained rapid and wide acceptance due to their high picture quality, outstanding performance and cost effectiveness.

Today, in response to the demands for greater levels of operability, such as longer recording time and progressive format playback/record capabilities, Sony has introduced its latest HDV recorders – the HVR-M35E, HVR-M25AE and HVR-M15AE.

The Sony HVR-M35E enable users to record and play back video in a choice

of formats – HDV 1080i, DVCAMTM and DV. They also feature the HDV native progressive format capability, which provides stunning 1080p images at 24, 25 or 30 frames per second.*

One of the most powerful features of these VTRs is their compatibility with standard cassettes in addition to mini cassettes. This provides extended recording time of up to 276 minutes.

These models are optimised for use with non-linear editing systems thanks to their highly compact size and ease of operation. However, the HVR-M35E provide additional powerful features such as a built-in 2.7-inch*1 type, 16:9 LCD monitor and an HD-SDI or HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output for more demanding production environments.

The SONY HVR-M35E is highly powerful, yet cost-effective tools for non-linear editing systems that will serve both today’s production needs, as well as those of tomorrow.

Sony HVR-M35E HDV Recorder 

Technical Details

Down-conversion Playback Capabilities

The HVR-M35E/M25AE/M15AE can convert material from 1080i down to 480i and 576i and output these video signals through its i.LINK interface. In addition, these signals can also be output via the other connectors. This allows users to edit recorded material with a compatible non-linear editing system using current DV editing software, as well as record SD signals to an external VTR. Video material can also be down-converted to 480P and 576P (as well as 720P on the HVR-M35E/HVR-M25AE) and output via the VTR’s SDI

(on the HVR-M35E), HDMI (on the HVR-M25AE) or analogue component video connector. When down-converting these signals, the aspect ratio displayed can be converted from 16:9 to 4:3. Display modes can be selected from Squeeze, Letterbox*4 and Edge Crop

Squeezed SD Video Image Output Type can be Selected.

The HVR-M35E can convert squeezed SD video images to edge-cropped or letterbox video images for output. This function is convenient when viewing the squeezed SD video image on an SD monitor with 4:3 screen aspect ratio.

HDV Four Channel Audio Playback

the HVR-M35E can play back four-channel audio recorded with the HVR-S270E shoulder-mount camcorder. The audio data is output via an AES/EBU output terminal. Also the audio data is embedded in the i.LINK or the HD/SD-SDI output signal

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