Sony HVR-M25E HDV Recorder HDMI Out Tape Hours: 1250 hour 0211087

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Sony HVR-M25E HDV Recorder HDMI Out Tape Hours: 1250 hour 0211087

Sony HVR-M25E  is  affordable, professional VTRs record and play HDV at all the same frame rates What’s more, the VTRs record and play DVCAM and mini-DV tapes, to support your smooth migration from SD to HD. Up to 276 minutes of HD on a single tape

These VTRs support both mini and standard cassettes, for extended recording and playback time. Using a single Sony DigitalMasterTM standard size cassette, you can record up to 276 minutes in HDV and DV mode or 184 minutes in DVCAM mode.

As true professional VTRs, the HVR-M25E offer SMPTE time code to identify each hour, minute, second and frame. Both VTRs can also copy external time code thanks to the HDV/DV in TC. The HVR-M25E goes further with the Duplicate Plus dubbing function which carries audio, video, time code and user bits over the i.LINK IEEE 1394 interface.* Duplicate Plus enables you to copy an HDV, DV or DVCAM work tape with the original time code intact by activating the Duplicate Plus function on the recorder.

Technical Details
  • HDV 1080i recording/playback for superb High Definition imagery.
  • DVCAM and DV recording/playback integrates with SD infrastructure and SD tapes.
  • Down-conversion of HDV 1080i recordings to SD via the i.LINK IEEE 1394 interface.
  • Conversion from 1080i to 720p via analogue component outputs and (in the HVR-M25E only) HDMITM output.
  • Choice of edge crop, letterbox or squeeze in HD to SD down-conversion.
  • i.LINK IEEE 1394 input/output in HD and SD enables digital transfer of A/V.

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