Sony HVR-M25E HDV Recorder HDMI Out Tape Hours: 1250 hour 0211087

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  • Brand: SONY
  • Model Number: HVR-M25E
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High Definition, not high operating costs:

Thanks to Sony’s HDV 1080i video tape recorders (VTRs), there’s no need to keep your camcorder in-house during edit sessions. These affordable, professional VTRs record and play HDV at all the same frame rates as the HVR-Z1E and HVR-A1E camcorders. What’s more, the VTRs record and play DVCAM and mini-DV tapes, to support your smooth migration from SD to HD. Up to 276 minutes of HD on a single tape

These VTRs support both mini and standard cassettes, for extended recording and playback time. Using a single Sony DigitalMasterTM standard size cassette, you can record up to 276 minutes in HDV and DV mode or 184 minutes in DVCAM mode.

SMPTE time code and external time code copy:

As true professional VTRs, the HVR-M25E and HVR-M15E both offer SMPTE time code to identify each hour, minute, second and frame. Both VTRs can also copy external time code thanks to the HDV/DV in TC. The HVR-M25E goes further with the Duplicate Plus dubbing function which carries audio, video, time code and user bits over the i.LINK IEEE 1394 interface.* Duplicate Plus enables you to copy an HDV, DV or DVCAM work tape with the original time code intact by activating the Duplicate Plus function on the recorder.
Technical Details
  • HDV 1080i recording/playback for superb High Definition imagery.
  • DVCAM and DV recording/playback integrates with SD infrastructure and SD tapes.
  • Down-conversion of HDV 1080i recordings to SD via the i.LINK IEEE 1394 interface.
  • Conversion from 1080i to 720p via analogue component outputs and (in the HVR-M25E only) HDMITM output.
  • Choice of edge crop, letterbox or squeeze in HD to SD down-conversion.
  • i.LINK IEEE 1394 input/output in HD and SD enables digital transfer of A/V.

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