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Sony HVR-1500A HDV/DVCAM Digital HD Videocassette Recorder

- HVR-1500A
- HVR-1500A
- HVR-1500A
- HVR-1500A
- HVR-1500A
- HVR-1500A
- HVR-1500A
- HVR-1500A
Sony HVR-1500A HDV/DVCAM Digital HD Videocassette Recorder
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  • Model: HVR-1500A

The HVR-1500A is an HDV™ source feeder/ recorder*1 positioned at the top of the Sony HDV Series.

Inheriting the design concept of the market-acclaimed DSR-1500A, the HVR-1500A offers the same convenient features that professional users demand, such as quick mechanical response, multi-format DV playback, and a rich set of professional video/audio interfaces ranging from analog to digital SDI and AES/EBU. The SONY HVR- 1500A also offers HD-SDI input/output and RS-422A control capabilities, bridging HDV source footage and assets with high-end HD formats and HD editing equipment.

In addition, with the optional HVBK-1520 board installed, the HVR-1500A has a range of conversion capabilities that allow DV recordings to be up-converted to 1080i or 720P signals, and 1080i HDV recordings to be cross-converted to 720P signals. This allows operators to integrate DV and HDV source footage and assets into the same HD editing system, and gives them the flexibility to choose between either a 1080i or a 720P system.

The HVR-1500A can also be used as a standard definition DVCAM™ recorder, in which case the same editing features as the DSR-1500A are offered.

The HVR-1500A is certainly the HDV recorder of choice for environments where robustness and functionality are prime concerns.

Technical Details



60i system*7

50i system

Recording/playback performance

Recording format

HDV 1080/60i , DVCAM , DV (SP)

HDV 1080/50i , DVCAM , DV (SP)

Playback format

HDV 1080/60i, HDV 720/30P*6, DVCAM, DV (SP), DVCPRO 25

HDV 1080/50i, DVCAM, DV (SP), DVCPRO 25

HD-SDI output format

1080/60i*1, 720/60P*1

1080/50i*1, 720/50P*1

Tape speed


18.812 mm/s

18.831 mm/s


28.193 mm/s

28.221 mm/s

Playback/recording time


Max. 276 min with PHDV-276DM cassette

Max. 63 min with PHDVM-63DM cassette


Max. 184 min with PDV-184N cassette

Max. 40 min with PDVM-40N cassette

Fast forward/rewind time

Approx. 3 min with PHDV-276DM and PDV-184N cassette

Video Input