Sony HVR-1500A HD HDV/DVCAM 1080I Video Recorder tape hours 30

  • $1,450.00

  • Brand: SONY
  • Model Number: HVR-1500A
  • Product Code: BS19466
  • Quantity in stock: 1
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The HVR-1500A can also be used as a standard definition DVCAM™ recorder, in which case the same editing features as the DSR-1500A are offered. The HVR-1500A is certainly the HDV recorder of choice for environments where robustness and functionality are prime concerns.

Technical Details


• Compact Design (half-rack wide, 3U high)

• AC Operation (100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz)

• Low Power Consumption (approximate 60 W)

• VITC (Vertical Interval Time Code) (DVCAM format only)

• Video Processor Control via Menu

• Closed Caption Function (DVCAM/DV NTSC format only)

• SIRCS (Sony Integrated Remote Control System) Interface 

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