SONY DXC-D35P Digital video camera with SONY CA-TX7P Camera Adaptor

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The DXC-D35/D35WS Series is a digital video widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio as well as 4:3. camera designed as the top-end model for video professionals. With Sony’s unique DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology based TM on Sony’s TruEye process and Sony’s Power HADTM CCDs, the DXC-D35/D35WS offers faithful color reproduction, similar to the human eye. By using the latest DSP circuits, pre-amplifier and encoding process, the detail expression and horizontal resolution are superior. Drastic smear reduction and high sensitivity, achieved with the Power HAD/Power HAD WS CCDs, provide more shooting opportunities, while maintaining superior picture quality.

The DXC-D35 is a powerful basic model, while the DXC-D35WS has additional features for shooting in Hereafter, the DXC-D35 refers to both the DXC-D35 (NTSC model) and the DXC-D35P (PAL model). The DXC-D35WS refers to the DXC-D35WS (NTSC model) and DXC-D35WSP (PAL model).

The DXC-D35/D35WS is dockable with a variety of on- board VTRs (DVCAM, Betacam SP, or Betacam SX formats) for camcorder operation. For remote control of the DXC-D35/D35WS, the new CCU-M5A/M5AP Multicore Camera Control Unit and the CCU-TX7/TX7P Triax Camera Control Unit are available. These systems will broaden the application of the DXC-D35/D35WS.

The DXC-D35/D35WS also provides a variety of automatic functions for operational convenience. The DynaFitTM shoulder pad and the new DXF-801 Viewfinder also contribute to the comfortable operation. With all these features packed in its compact camera body, the DXC-D35/D35WS creates a new world of acquisition for a wide spectrum of applications.

Technical Details
  • The DXC-D35/D35WS can be docked with the DSR-1/1P DVCAM Recorder via the 76-pin Digital connector that supplies 4:2:2 10-bit component digital output from the camera to the recorder. Since the DXC-D35/D35WS is designed to be configured with the DSR-1/1P, some unique features are provided for the use as a DVCAM full digital camcorder.
  • DVCAM digital recording format for professional use
  • Playback compatibility with the consumer DV recording format
  • Support of both DVCAM Mini Cassette tapes and DVCAM Standard Cassette tapes
  • Maximum recording time — 184 minutes (DVCAM Standard Cassette tape)
  • Maximum operating time — 260 minutes (BP-L90A Lithium-ion battery)
  • Time code superimposition during playback
  • Easy control of CH-1 audio level with level controller on the front panel
  • Edit Search function to easily access to edit points
  • Freeze Mix function to easily position the subject just as in the previous shot
  • SetupNavi function to store camera setup files onto the Video Auxiliary portion of a DVCAM tape
  • SetupLog™ to automatically record camera setting data for each shot onto VAUX portion of a DVCAM tape
  • ClipLink System comprehensive shooting information and image management system 

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