SONY DVCAM DSR-1800P Digital video cassette recorder

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Video production styles continue to evolve in response to the rapid and tremendous growth in visual communication.

In this fast-changing environment, the need is for equipment that meets the crucial demands for both higher productivity

and greater creativity in professional video production.

Since its launch in 1996, Sony DVCAM  equipment has been satisfying these demands. It has brought many notable

benefits: excellent picture and sound quality, high-performance editing capabilities, system versatility and professional

reliability to mention a few. Based on the DVCAM format, the DSR range of VTRs and Camcorders covers a wide

range of applications from field acquisition through editing to transmission.

Now, two new models join the DSR family, the DSR-1800* Editing Recorder and the DSR-1600** Editing Player. These VTRs

provide excellent performance in an editing environment. They have a full range of analog and digital interfaces,

a responsive search dial function, and many other powerful features. A key advantage is their playback and editing

compatibility with DV (25 Mb/s) family formats, including consumer DV (SP mode) and DVCPRO.

Filled with professional features and offering great flexibility, the DSR-1800 and the DSR-1600 are the perfect choice for

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