SONY DSR-45P DVCAM Recorder PAL Drum Hours 820 SN 221398

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SONY DSR-45P DVCAM Recorder PAL Drum Hours 820 SN 221398

As digital videocassette recorders evolve, they give users more tools to get the job done quickly and properly. The DSR-45P is a new versatile DVCAM digital video recorder that is perhaps the best in its class. Place the DSR-45 in a small to medium sized production house to create an ideal system for both nonlinear editing and linear A/B roll editing as a source feeder.1 Whether editing weddings, corporate training videos or cable television programs, the DSR-45 gets the job done in a timely manner with professional results.

Its i.LINK®2 interface allows seamless integration into compatible DV-based editing suites. In addition, analog component connectors allow the unit to accept and transfer high-quality video and audio. For external control, the DSR-45 comes standard with RS-422A and RS-232C interfaces. Equipped with a 2-inch3 built-in LCD, the DSR-45 displays information including; audio level, system status, and the working image as they are needed. The DSR-45 is the videocassette recorder of choice for small to medium-sized production houses

Technical Details
  • Playback Compatibility with the DV (25 Mb/s) Format
  • The DVCAM format maintains playback compatibility with the consumer DV format.4 This compatibility allows the user to play back DV recorded tapes on the DSR-45A. Such versatility is quite advantageous to users working with DV cameras for their great portability and long recording times.
  • Dual-size Cassette Mechanism
  • The DSR-45A has a dual-size cassette mechanism, which accepts both mini and standard size DVCAM and DV cassette tapes without any special adaptor. This innovative feature allows the four different types of cassette tapes to be used without the cumbersome process associated with additional mechanical hardware.
  • Long-duration Recording
  • Capability DVCAM videocassette tapes come in two sizes: standard and mini. A maximum recording time of 184 minutes is possible with a standard size cassette (PDV-184ME), while the mini cassette (PDVM-40ME) allows up to 40 minutes. Although the tape is relatively narrow, 1/4-inch (6.35 mm), and the cassette compact, these long recording times are achieved by using Sony advanced ME (Metal Evaporated) tape.
  • Capability of Recording in DV Format
  • Should you require a longer record time than what is available with the DVCAM format, the DSR-45A is capable of recording in the DV format. In this format, a standard-sized cassette records up to 270 minutes.

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