SONY DSR-45P DVCAM Recorder PAL Drum Hours 500

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SONY DSR-45P DVCAM Recorder PAL Drum Hours 500

Technical Details

4-channel Separate Audio Inputs/Outputs

The DSR-45 has four, independently selectable, audio inputs and outputs. Four XLR connectors carry analog audio outputs, making the DSR-45 easy to integrate into current analog-based systems.

REF Input

The DSR-45 has an external reference input for synchronized playback with other VTRs.7 This is essential when a DSR-45 is one of a number of playback sources in an editing system.

Time Code Input/Output

The DSR-45 is equipped with a time code input/output capability, enabling time code synchronization with external equipment, which is ideal for dubbing purposes. The unit can output time code read from the tape when played back at normal speed, and can also receive a time code signal from an external source

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