SONY DSR-2000AP DVCAM PAL Studio Edit Player/Recorder with FireWire

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The King of DVCAM Master Series. The Sony DSR-2000AP is a top-of-line DVCAM editing recorder equipped with a variety of professional features controlled via an ergonomically designed front panel. 

Firstly, it uses all DV (25 Mb/s) format recorded tapes. Secondly, it delivers indispensable features for broadcast use: Preread, DMC (Dynamic Motion Control) and two-machine editing, plus all the original advantages of DVCAM technology. 

Compared with the previous DSR-2000P, the DSR-2000AP features i.LINK interface as standard maintaining its price, even for greater value-for-money. In addition, the seamless integration into HD workflow can be provided via DSBK- 2020 HD-SDI output board option. 

Now, get your hands on the Sony DSR-2000AP and start creating the reliable, flexible editing environment you have always wanted. 

Automatic DV format change 

The DSR-2000AP automatically detects DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO tape formats. 

Playback of three sizes of DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO cassettes 

The DV formats include not only DVCAM and DV but also the DVCPRO format. Three cassette sizes utilised for these formats. All these tapes can be played back in the DSR-2000AP without any special mechanical adapter. 

No need to dub up to other higher formats, which is often required on other DV VTRs 

The editing functions such as digital slow motion, jog audio and DMC are all available for all DV tape formats. Superb jog audio lets you easily handle all the DV tape formats as direct editing sources. This means that, even when using DV or DVCPRO recorded tapes as editing sources, there is no need to dub to other, higher, formats. 

Highly durable playback performance for all DV (25 Mbps) recorded tapes 

The DSR-2000AP plays all DV (25 Mbps) recorded tapes including DV in long play mode (DV-LP). No other DV VTR provides DV-LP playback compatibility. The DSR-2000AP does by virtue of its ability to read data from tapes without having to maintain tracking. This function is also excellent for rescuing badly recorded DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO tapes. In this sense, the DSR-2000AP is the most reliable VTR for all DV recorded tapes. 

The wide aspect ID (16:9) can be recorded or erased 

Pictures recorded in a 16:9 aspect ratio include a wide aspect ID located in the VITC. The DSR-2000AP can record or erase this ID. For example, if you don’t want this ID signal to appear on a TV display, this ID can be erased. If the video signal passes through an editing or effects system this ID signal is often removed. The DSR-2000AP can re-record it. 

Minimised video degradation 

Due to a newly developed filter colour blurring during baseband dubbing (e.g. SDI or analogue component) has been significantly reduced. 

Save editing time 

Until now frame delays in all DV VTRs have made audio dubbing very difficult. However, due to newly developed digital processing and pre-read technology the DSR-2000AP has achieved the perfect synchronisation of video and audio. 

No Generator required to record a pre-striped tape 

The DSR-2000AP incorporates an internal signal generator. This generates either colour bars (100% or 75%) or black /burst signals for video and a 1 kHz tone or silence for audio. This function is convenient for recording a pre-striped tape prior to editing. 

Easy to locate target point 

The DSR-2000AP incorporates a built-in Jog/Shuttle dial on its front panel. This enables highly responsive operation, especially when searching for editing points. 

Channel condition indicator gives you piece of mind 

For ensuring reliable editing conditions, the DSR-2000AP is equipped with a channel condition monitoring function. Three levels of error rate are indicated with a tri-colour (G/Y/R) indicator. This is effective for all DV formats (25Mbps). 


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