Sony CDP-D12 Compact Disc Player

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Sony unveils the CDP-D12, a CD player designed for professional applications such as television and radio broadcasting, post-production, public addresses, and audio/visual presentations.

The CDP-D12 offers a variety of features that fulfill the demanding requirements of these applications, including multiple output interfaces, a variety of playback functions, RS-232C or parallel remote-control capability, and sequential playback between multiple CDP-D12 decks. Additionally, its shock[1]resistant design contributes to the high playback stability required by today’s professionals. And with its rack[1]mountable design, the CDP-D12 player is only 1U high, saving rack-mount space and contributing to useful system portability.

Sony CDP-D12 Compact Disc Player

Technical Details

Flexible Output Interfaces

The CDP-D12 is equipped with multiple output interfaces to meet individual system needs. XLR-type balanced and phono unbalanced connectors are provided for analog outputs, plus coaxial and optical digital outputs are also available.

 Variable Playback Speed

 The CDP-D12 allows the playback speed to be adjusted within the range of ±12.5% in 0.5% steps – this enables the duration of the audio program to be adjusted in post-production and on-air applications. The duration of the audio program is displayed according to the adjustment.

Auto-Cue Function

The auto-cue function skips the silent areas at the beginning of an audio track and puts the deck in pause mode. Users can choose the threshold level of the audio to skip from five preset settings: -72 dB, -66 dB, -60 dB, -54 dB, and -48 dB

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