Sony CDP-D11 Compact Disc Player High Density Linear Converter

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The Sony CDP-D11 is a 1U rack mounting professional CD player. Its up-to date design features include Instant Start of tracks, Vari speed operation, an IR wireless/wired remote controller and connectors

for both RS-232C and programmable parallel remote control.

Superb audio performance is guaranteed by High Density linear digital to analogue converters.


Technical Details

Flexible output interfacing

Analogue audio outlets are via balanced XLR connectors and unbalanced phono connectors. Both coaxial and optical digital outputs are also provided. Coaxial and optical SPDIF (IEC 958 type ll) digital outputs

Main functions


AUTO CUE function research a beginning of music automatically and make PAUSE status. AUTO PAUSE function make pause status at the first TRACK automatically. PROGRAM, SHUFFLE, A-B REPEAT are available.In VARI SPEED mode, actual play back time can be indicated.

A special "fader play" mode is provided on the parallel interface to automatically play tracks in order as the fader start switch is opened and closed.

Dual-mode Wired/IR wireless remote controller supplied (RM-DS11)

Supplied commander RM-DS11 responds to wired control
and infrared wireless control. Wired remote control is particularly suitable for use in installations with multiple players.

Long-duration sequential playback

Sequential playback from several CDP-D11 units using the Relay Play input and output feature. After a first unit has at an end, control signal go through a jack and make a second unit start to playback automatically.

Comprehensive remote control

Remote control via RS-232C
or parallel remote control ports. Parallel remote can be user-assigned to control and monitor several functions of the machine.


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