Sony CCU-D50P Digital Camera Control Unit

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  • Model Number: CCU-D50P
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Interfaces with Sony DXC-D35 Series digital cameras*2 via its associated CA-D50 Camera Adaptor. The output of the CA-D50 Camera Adaptor is transferred to the CCU-D50 Camera Control Unit as a component digital SDI*3 signal via a Sony CCZ-A 26-pin cable up to 75 m long. By using a Sony CCZ-AD 26-pin cable, lengths up to 150 m can be achieved. Using this digital SDI connection allows virtually degradation-free transmission from the camera to the CCU.

The distance between the CA-D50 Camera Adaptor and CCU-D50 Camera Control Unit can be extended to a maximum 200 m by providing a separate low loss coaxial video cable to carry the SDI signal between the two units.

Switchable mode to accept analog component/VBS signals from DVCAM® camcorders equipped with a 26-pin interface. Maximum cable length from the camcorder to the CCU-D50 is 300 m*4.

Outputs analog composite and one of the following: component digital SDI, analog component (Y/R-Y/B-Y or RGB), or S-video*5. • Flexible intercom connectivity allows the interfacing of 2-wire or 4-wire systems to be selected.

Technical Details

• Designed for use with the CCU-D50 Camera Control Unit.

• Dockable to Sony DXC cameras that employ the 76-pin digital connector.

• Interfaces with 26-pin equipped Sony portable VTRs.

• Interfaces with the BKP-L551 Battery Adaptor with the appropriate service part*

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