Sony Camera Control Unit CCU-TX7

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The Sony CCU-TX7 is a compact camera control unit designed to be the core unit of the Sony Triax camera control system for the DXC-D30/D30WS and the DXC-637 video cameras. The CCU-TX7 system has several functions designed for operational convenience and system versatility, in addition to the inherent benefits of the Triax system itself such as camera control over great distances and small lightweight cables.

The CCU-TX7 can run on either AC or DC (12 volts) at the discretion of the operator. This compact unit (half of a 19-inch rack-mount), provides a variety of video output signals: SDI, composite, Y/C, component, and R/G/B. The CCU-TX7 also supports a teleprompter system and major intercom systems such as 2-wire, 4-wire, Clearcom, and RTS. To meet the demands of various situations, the CCU-TX7 also has two inputs for return video and a teleprompter input.

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