SONY BVM-A20F-1U 20 inch Multi-Format HD Broadcast Video CRT Monitor with BKM-68X and BKM-62HS

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  • Brand: SONY
  • Model Number: BVM-A20F-1U
  • Product Code: BS19134
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The BVM-A Series of monitors comprises four models – the 32-inch BVM-A32E1WU*1 and the 24-inch BVM-A24E1WU*2 with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and the 20-inch BVM-A20F1U*3 and the 14-inch BVM-A14F5U*4 with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

All four monitors have been developed in line with Sony’s evaluation- grade monitor standards, providing the high resolution and wide and natural frequency response required for master monitoring applications. This consistent image quality is a significant benefit over conventional monitor product lines, which can offer lower specifications for smaller screen sizes.

Technical Details

Flat surface HR Trinitron:

To provide the highest possible picture quality, all BVM-A Series monitors are equipped with CRTs manufactured by Sony, using either SMPTE-C or EBU standard phosphors. Flat surface 16:9 aspect HR Trinitron CRTs have been exclusively designed for the BVM-A32E1WU and BVM-A24E1WU models.

Faithful Color Reproduction:

The BVM-A Series monitors are designed to provide most accurate phosphor chromaticity, white uniformity, and color temperature, thereby achieving extremely faithful color reproduction.

Stable Color Temperature:

The internal beam current feedback circuit equipped on the BVM-A Series monitors maintains a constant color temperature over a long period of time.

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