Sony BVM-A14F5M with HD/SDI input card 62HS

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Sony BVM-A14F5M with HD/SDI input card 62HS

The BVM-A14F5M is a multiformat viewing monitor. It is equipped with a high resolution Trinitron CRT. This monitor provides an excellent picture resolution of 800 TVL. Along with the other models of the new BVM-A series, it is perfectly suitable for both conventional video standard and the emerging new high definition format. This monitor is intended for the most critical picture evaluation in the high-end production and post-production environments.

Superb picture reproduction

This monitor provides very high-resolution pictures for viewing application. Sony manufactured Trinitron CRT provides excellent colour uniformity and performance.

Multiformat signal support

This monitor accepts the wide variety of digital signals necessary to allow you the freedom to produce in whatever format you choose.

Easy customisation

This monitor is designed with three option slots for the additional video decoder boards of your choice – so you can keep your options open.

High flexibility and modularity

Whatever your needs this monitor has maximum flexibility both during installation and operation.

Ethernet connection

The BVM-A Series can be connected via an Ethernet control system using standard network components. Through this network any monitor can be configured, remotely controlled or monitored by using e-service mode.

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