SONY BVM-20F1U with BKM-24N, BKM-20D, Analoge cards with remote BKM-10R 91178Hours SN 2110207

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The BVM-20F1U/20F1E/20E1U/20E1E/14F1U/ 14F1E/14E1U/14E1E are controlled by a separate control unit, such as a BKM-10R/11R Monitor Control Unit. The use of a separate control unit reduces the space needed for the equipment. With the BVM-20F1U/ 20F1E/20E1U/20E1E, it is also possible to attach the BKM-10R with an optional BKM-32H Monitor Control Unit Attachment Kit. 

Technical Details


• Compatible with the ISR (Interactive Status Reporting) system.

• Has both RS-485 serial remote and relay contact parallel remote control connectors.

• Built-in safe area display and test signal generator for crosshatch, 100% white signal, 20% gray signal, grayscale, and PLUGE (Picture Line Up Generating Equipment).

• Built-in VITC (Vertical Interval Time Code) reader.

• Built-in Caption Vision.

• Pulse cross function for simultaneous checking of the horizontal and vertical synchronization signals. VITS (Vertical Interval Test Signal) checking is also possible.

• Auto and manual degaussing.

• Built-in CRT protection circuit.

• The monitor may be mounted in an EIA-standard 19- inch rack, using an optional BKM-30E20/30E14/ 31E14 Rack Mount Kit.

• Controllable from the optional BKM-10R/11R Monitor Control Unit. (For details about connection and operation, refer to the BKM10R/11R Operation Manual.

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