SONY BVM-20F1U with BKM-20D, Analoge cards and the remote BKM-10R 42310Hours SN 2110468

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  • $3,000.00

  • Brand: SONY
  • Model Number: BVM-20F1U
  • Product Code: BS19359
  • Quantity in stock: 2-3 Days
  Usually dispatched in 2-4 working days

The BVM-20F1U/20F1E/20E1U/20E1E/14F1U/ 14F1E/14E1U/14E1E are controlled by a separate control unit, such as a BKM-10R/11R Monitor Control Unit. The use of a separate control unit reduces the space needed for the equipment. With the BVM-20F1U/ 20F1E/20E1U/20E1E, it is also possible to attach the BKM-10R with an optional BKM-32H Monitor Control Unit Attachment Kit.

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