Sony BRC-H700 HD 3-CCD Robotic Color Video Camera with HFBK-HD1 card

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The Sony BRC-H700 can be remotely controlled (pan/tilt/zoom) by the Anycast StationTM system (AWS-G500), and up to six presets can be registered. If you are considering migration to HD in the future, but are still working in an SD environment, you can use the HFBK-SD1 for SD output or the HFBK-XG1 for XGA output to the Anycast Station system for now.

The Sony BRC-H700 camera, along with the portable Anycast Station system, the ultra portable business projector VPL-CS20/CX20, VAIO® Series PC, and the UWP Series Wireless Microphones enable you to run high quality live presentations virtually hassle-free, with less people.

Sony BRC-H700 HD 3-CCD Robotic Color Video Camera with HFBK-HD1 card

Technical Details

Flexible Installation – Ceiling Mount or Flat Surface

Because the BRC-H700 has an ”Image Flip“ function, the unit can either be mounted on a ceiling using the supplied ceiling mount kit or placed on a flat surface to meet your installation and space requirements.

 Sixteen Presets

Various camera settings such as Pan/Tilt/Zoom and focus can be configured for up to sixteen presets per camera.

Multi-function IR Remote Commander Unit

Basic camera settings on the BRC-H700, such as the Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions and six-preset patterns, can be controlled from the supplied IR Remote Commander® unit.

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