SONY BKS-R3209 Universal Control Unit

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  • Brand: SONY
  • Model Number: BKS-R3209
  • Product Code: BS19323
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SONY BKS-R3209 Universal Control Unit

The new BKS-R3209 Universal Control Unit switches the source signals fed to one of the DVS-Series routing switchers connected to the S-BUS data link. It also supplies the selected signals to the designated destinations (as does the BKS-R1607) with all basic functions. When a BKDS-V3232B Monitor Board is installed in the DVS-Series, the input and output signals can be monitored by using the BKS-R3209. Source, destination, and monitor switching is performed with 32 buttons on the BKS-R3209 as the BKS-R1607 does but without display.

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