Sony BKS-R1617A Multi-Display 16 Button LED Router Remote Panel

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  • Model Number: BKS-R1617A
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The BKS-R1617 Multi Display Control Unit switches the signals fed to one of the switchers such as a DVS- V6464M/DVS-128 Video Routing Switcher, a DVS- A3232 Audio Routing Switcher, a DVS-TC3232 Time Code Routing Switcher, etc. (called a source), connected to the S-BUS data link, and supplies the selected signal to the designated output (called a destination).

When you wish to monitor the input and output signals of the DVS-V3232M or DVS-V6464M with a BKDS-V3292B Monitor Board installed or of the DVS-128, you may switch the monitor signals using the BKS-R1617. Source, destination, and monitor switching is performed with the select buttons whose functions you define with the control terminal connected to the primary station of the S-BUS data link.

Technical Details

1. Source name changeable with the SELECTOR Knob

A source name assigned to the source select buttons on the control terminal can be changed using the SELECTOR knob on the front panel.

2. Four-digit display for each select button Each select button has the four-digit display.

The display for the source select button shows the source name assigned to the button, and that for the destination select button shows the source name selected for the destination assigned to the button.

3. Large select buttons displaying their functions with different colours

The large select buttons on the front panel are designed for easy operation. They light in green or amber, dimly or brightly to show their functions and the currently selected source and destination.

4. Buttons to select sources and destinations

All select buttons on the front panel can be used as source select buttons or destination select buttons. Your setting on the control terminal defines their functions. The defined function for a button is indicated by the color, green for source and amber for destination.

5. Displaying a source or destination name on each button

The source and destination name defined with the control terminal can be shown on a key label on a button. You can easily replace the key label so that an updated indication can follow any setting change on the control terminal.

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