Sony BKM-16R Monitor Control Unit for Broadcast Video Monitor

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  • Brand: SONY
  • Model Number: BKM-16R
  • Product Code: BS18699
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The BKM-16R is a control unit for the BVM/PVM series business & professional video monitor. Use it to power monitors on and set in standby mode, perform menu operations, and carry out monitor setup and adjustment.
Technical Details

Remote control function (Ethernet control)

The unit controls up to 32 monitors by the Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) connection. Up to four units are connected to one monitor in single mode. You can control individual monitors or monitor groups simply by entering the monitor ID number or group ID number. You can also execute the same operation on all connected monitors, or put all connected monitors into the same setup and adjustment state.

Setup and adjustment with the “Memory Stick”

You can use a “Memory Stick” to save and load monitor setup and adjustment data. If your system includes more than one monitor, you can use the “Memory Stick” to exchange data between monitors. This makes it easy to put all monitors in your system into the same setup and adjustment state.

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