Sonifex RB-SD1 Silence Detect Unit

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  • Brand: Sonifex
  • Model Number: RB-SD1
  • Product Code: BS18630
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The Sonifex RB-SD1 silence detection unit is a 1U rack-mount device used to monitor an unattended stereo studio feed and in the event of the signal going “quiet” after a given period the unit will switch through an alternative stereo audio signal. This signal could be a recorded message (e.g. “normal service will be resumed”, etc), a feed from a CD player or minidisc machine, or an alternative recorded programme.

Controls are provided to start external equipment and to provide remote status indication. It has 2 balanced stereo audio inputs with the maximum input level being +28dBu. Each input is user-defined as either the main source or auxiliary source and both sources are monitored for failure, each having a remote failure alarm. In the event of the main source dropping below a pre-set level for a pre-determined amount of time, the unit will automatically switch through to the auxiliary signal.

Sonifex RB-SD1 Silence Detect Unit

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