Sonifex Net-Log 4 Channel NETWORK Audio Logger

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Sonifex Net-Log 4 Channel NETWORK Audio Logger

All audio created by Net-Log is Windows Media PlayerTM compatible so files can be emailed to colleagues and customers and played out on any PC with a sound system. There are many applications for Net[1]Log, from radio stations recording their broadcasts for regulatory purposes, to small call centres, law firms and security companies using them for monitoring.

Net-Logs have been installed in court rooms & police interview rooms for audio surveillance and offer a cost saving desk-top based logging & filing system for audio.

Technical Details
  • Dedicated reliable multi-channel recording hardware.
  • Easy to use Windows™ remote operation for playback, archiving, streaming and configuration.
  • Independently configurable channel pairs to record at different sample rates, different bit rates and in mono or stereo.
  • Recording duration configuration of the channels to suit your needs, e.g. 2 channels of low quality logging for 12 months together with two channels of high quality logging for 1 month, on one machine.
  • Record inputs can be controlled remotely, e.g. snoop recording from mic-live output of a mixer.
  • Automated voice recording - each channel can start and stop recording automatically by setting audio threshold levels, which means that it can be used for voice controlled

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