Sonifex HY-03 Telephone Hybrid

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  • Brand: Sonifex
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  • Product Code: BS18893
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The Sonifex HY-03 is a high quality analogue telephone hybrid, which is suitable for most general telephony applications and is often used in radio and TV stations, bingo halls and dealing floors. The analogue Sonifex HY-03 telephone hybrid is the replacement for the HY-02, which for many years has set the standard as an excellent value, high quality telephone hybrid.

The Sonifex HY-03 can be used for any application where a clean telephone signal is required and the line is not subject to delay. The HY-03 retains many of the features of the HY-02 and adds some additional ones.

Technical Details

• Fully automatic – adapts to varying line conditions and has automatic signal limiting.

• Local and remote line hold switching – calls can be remotely switched through a mixing console.

• Momentary or permanent latching remotes can be enabled.

• Balanced mic/line input – 10kΩ balanced input selectable for 0dBu clean feed line, or microphone level with adjustable gain.

• Balanced output – 0dBu low impedance balanced output, with output gain adjustment.

• Mixed output – the output can be a mix of the caller and mic/line input signals for recording both sides of the telephone conversation.

• Integrated ring detector – automatic call answering after a predetermined number of rings.

• Fitted with K-break disconnect (line polarity reversal in the US) detection as standard with an option for dial-tone disconnect (HY-03DTD option).

• Line limiter, bandpass filter and output noise gate with preset threshold providing low distortion crystal clear audio.

• 45dB typical line balance rejection on tone, 28dB on complex waveforms.

• Built in power supply with switchable 115V, or 230V, mains input.

• BABT approval compliant with European PTT specifications.

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