Softel Cyclone teletext generator

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The Cyclone Teletext System offers broadcasters and Teletext service operators a complete and inexpensive solution for the preparation, storage, and transmission of Teletext services.

Cyclone Version 5 allows text-based content to be created for a wider selection of broadcast platforms including HTML for the web, MHEG5, MHP, open television, SMS and WAP. The entry-level Cyclone system is designed to offer an inexpensive, ‘work straight out of the box’, solution for the production and transmission of a Teletext service.

Based on standard Windows 2000 PC database architecture, Cyclone V5 offers almost unlimited scalability so that additional text channels and other bespoke features can be added when the need arises.

The entry-level Cyclone system is available as a 2U high unit (SE4030) with 8 ports for serial terminal access or as a compact 1U high unit (SE1030) for network-based operations with limited serial port access.

Both units come complete with a Cyclone/Flair client license that may be installed locally or on an editorial workstation on the network.


Technical Details

Cyclone offers as optional items the additional functionality that you would expect from a professional broadcast solution. Making these items available as options allow Softel to produce the standalone entry system at a very competitive the initial price for the smaller the broadcaster with the knowledge that the system can be easily upgraded/enhanced as the broadcasters' demands on the system increase.

Optional Enhancements:-

·         Scheduling and Page Archiving Subsystems

Allows the users to update page content for automatic display at a future point in time and also to retrieve any pages that have been changed for as long as the archive data is kept on the system.

·         Subtitling, Interactive Data, EPG, TeleWeb, PDC and Databroadcast Subsystems

Allows direct connection into the transmission core of the Cyclone Teletext system for the efficient transmission of these optional interfaces. The subtitling sub the system is compatible with Softel’s extensive range of subtitling product, The the interactive data interface is ideally suited for connection by external information systems, particularly those providing interactive SMS chat rooms and games services.


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