Snell & Wilcox KUDOS PLUS MACH1 M.Sc

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The MACH1 M.Sc breaks the price barrier for superior performance standards conversion. Its motion compensated algorithm helps to deliver excellent results at an affordable 4-field-conversion price. At just 1 RU size, full bi-directional conversion between composite PAL, NTSC and SECAM as well as 10-bit SDI signals is provided along with AES audio handling. Performance, size and price mean it is ideal for a wide range of applications including mobile applications, news and transmission. In addition, the clean motion portrayal of its M.Sc Motion Science standards conversion produces video that is not just good to look at, it is also compression-friendly – helping to minimize unnecessary motion artefacts in MPEG-2 bitstreams. An ergonomically designed front panel allows rapid access to key functions, with a LCD display providing information on signal parameters. The unit is fully RollCall™ compatible and the Mach1 is designed to integrate up to two IQ modules. This powerful feature enables users to customize their unit according to their application or system needs.


• Motion compensated conversion using M.Sc motion vectors

• Aspect ratio conversion with full positional control and blanking

• Noise reduction featuring recursive and median filtering

• Linear conversion mode using 4-field, 4-line aperture

• All 10-bit data path

• 2 x SDI inputs, 2 x SDI outputs

• 2 x composite inputs and outputs, 1 x Y/C input and output

• N4.43, NTSC, NTSC-J, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N and SECAM composite color standards

• Output genlock

• Dual AES audio inputs and outputs

• Embedded audio is extracted, delayed and reinserted

• Horizontal and vertical picture enhancement

• Flexible options for video and audio I/O

• RollCall (single session) and GPI control

Technical Details


Processing Delay

625 to 525                            Linear mode = 70 msec

                                               MSc mode = 90 msec

525 to 625                            Linear mode = 58 msec

                                               MSc mode = 75 msec

625 to 625                            50 msec, 1- 39 ms (Size off)

525 to 525                            42 msec, 1- 35 ms (Size off)

Return Loss: Inputs            better than 35 dB to 5.0 MHz

Return Loss: Outputs         better than 30 dB to 5.0 MHz

Return Loss SDI Inputs      better than 15 dB at 270 MHz

Return Loss SDI Outputs   better than 15 dB at 270 MHz


Mains Supply                        115/230 V 60/50 Hz 1.2 A

Power Consumption           140 W max


Temperature Range            0 ° to 40 °C operating

Cooling                                  Axial fan

Case Type                             1 RU Rack Mounting

Dimensions Overall            483 x 440 x 45 mm (w x d x h)

                                               Depth from mounting face (including unmated connectors)

                                                415 mm

Weight                                   9.75 kg

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