Snell & Wilcox Iqh3a IQ Modular 3u Encloser

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  • Brand: Snell & Wilcox
  • Model Number: IQ3URC
  • Product Code: BS18039
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This manual contains information for the KUDOS IQ Modular System mainframes and information for specific modules.

If specifically ordered, this manual could be supplied containing operating information for all modules currently available plus previous versions of modules or deleted products.

When a mainframe is supplied with particular modules installed, only operational information for those modules will be found in this manual and each module will have a dedicated numbered section as shown in the Table of Contents.

If, at a later date, other types of modules are supplied and installed, the operational information section for those modules will be supplied. The sheets will be ready hole-punched and should be fitted into this manual binder in the appropriately numbered section.

Update/revision sheets should replace existing pages when supplied by the agent or Snell & Wilcox Ltd.

(Note that the last six numbers of the text in the lower left hand corner of the page, is the release date of that revision in day, month, year sequence)

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