Snell & Wilcox IQAVDA Video Distribution Amplifier with IQAVDA-2A

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  • Brand: Snell & Wilcox
  • Model Number: IQAVDA
  • Product Code: BS18923
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The Snell & Wilcox IQAVDA-1 and Snell & Wilcox IQAVDA-2 are high quality video distribution amplifier modules for use in broadcast, professional and industrial applications. The Snell & Wilcox IQAVDA-1 provides 3 outputs, the Snell & Wilcox IQAVDA-2 provides 8 outputs and both units have gain and cable equalisation adjustments.

The cable equalisation uses a single control and is able to equalise 100m of RG59 cable to 15 MHz within ±0.1dB. The loop-through input is isolated from ground (eliminating hum in earth loops) and high input impedance for minimal signal loading.

Technical Details

· Up to 8 high quality outputs on BNC Connectors

· Equalizer, better than ±0.1 dB to 15 MHz with 100 m RG59 cable

· 45MHz frequency response

· High quality, low noise implementation

· Balanced loop-through Input

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