SNELL & WILCOX ARC 20:20 Aspect Ratio Converter

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  • Brand: Snell & Wilcox
  • Model Number: ARC 2020
  • Product Code: BS17967
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The ARC20:20S is a 10-bit, bi-directional broadcast-quality aspect ratio converter with serial digital input and outputs. A comprehensive selection of fixed conversion modes is available with ultra-smooth adjustment of picture position both horizontally and vertically. In addition to the preset values, horizontal zoom and active picture size can be smoothly adjusted over a 2:1 to 1:2 range. 

A proprietary vertical-temporal filter uses all picture lines to maximize the vertical resolution without motion artifacts. Full control of input and output blanking is available. Video path features include full proc. amp controls, background color, and Y/C clippers

SNELL & WILCOX ARC 20:20 Aspect Ratio Converter

Technical Details

Aspect ratio conversion using vertical-temporal filtering

• 8 fixed aspect ratio conversion modes

• Bi-directional ultra-smooth variable aspect ratio between 2:1 and 1:2

• Ultra smooth dynamic pan & tilt

• Input and output blanking controls

• Line 23 WSS and Video Index signaling (reading and writing)

• On-screen display of Line 23 WSS and Video Index information 

• SDI monitoring outputs

• Fixed 1 frame delay for easy installation  

• Transparent to horizontal and vertical interval data

• Background color control

• Auto field freeze on input loss

• Y/C gain controls

• Y black adjustment

• Y/C clippers for minimum and maximum values

• Pattern generation 

• Caption insertion

• 8 GPI inputs and 4 input/outputs for rapid control

• 16 user-definable memories

• Un-interruptible valid output

• RollTrack audio delay tracking and delay pulse output

• Automatic 625 & 525 operation

• EDH checking and insertion to SMPTE RP165

• RollCall remote control and monitoring

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